Getting Started With Cam Staff

Position Requirements

We will identify your specific needs so we deliver the talent you need.

Your Company Culture

Understanding your culture, management styles, policies and goals will help us bring the right fit! 

The Process

We will go the extra mile to keep our business ours so you can take care of yours. 

Direct Hire

We offer reasonable rates while still providing top talent.


Seeking a contract employee? We can help!

Retained Search

We love our committed partners and offer incentives. 

Temp & Temp-to-hire


Improve Productivity

Bringing in temporary workers to handle projects or an over abundance of work keeps your permanent employees from burnout! When you're over worked you have a tendency to make more mistakes, overwhelmed, unmotivated and more likely to call out sick. So, bring in temps to handle the load and keep your permanent employees fresh and handling their primary duties! 

Try Before You Buy


Here's an opportunity you just simply don't have when you chose hire direct! Temporary employees allow companies the opportunity to gauge talent, experience, education and most important, if they are a fit for the office environment.

Overhead Cost

Temporary employees are employed by the staffing agency, not the business utilizing our services. This will very likely decrease the overall costs of the employee. You will not have to cover insurance costs or continue to pay overtime to your existing employees. This also includes a decrease in unemployment claims! Because they are our employee, there is no concern for unemployment claims, by you, if they are no longer needed. We take care of that! .

Short Term or Long Term

You can request temporary employees as needed. Do you have permanent employees going on vacation or a leave of absence? Maternity leave? Temporary medical leave? Temporary employees are a perfect solution! Any who knows... You might decide you can't live without the temporary employee and bring them on permanently! 

Contact us about your hiring needs

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